Story Behind II

Untitled_Artwork 61.jpg

“Sometimes I wonder how much darkness can the world take in”

Originally I wanted to draw the yin yang symbol but with the yin being more prominent to portray that the world is dark, and the wave represents that darkness is like a tsunami, destroying any light we have left.

The moon inside the blackness is just a random addition I drew. Didn’t think too much about it, but I guess you can interpret it as some sort of light in the darkness. And then while I’m playing with textures I realised that it looks like a whale so that is what it has become.

You might have noticed that I tend to create things that are quite depressing (lol), rather than ‘motivational quotes’ that I used to do before I went into University. While I still think that motivational quotes are great and inspiring, I’ve grown to appreciate ‘depressing humour’ more. While some people like to represent the world as ‘hope and joy and light’, I like to represent it as ‘the black hole is brighter than the future’. The world is of course not entirely good or bad, as with any other thing on earth. The yin yang symbol is therefore a great representation of what it is. Reality is not glitters and rainbows as we have been told when we were young, but it’s alright, because reality is not entire made out of darkness too.

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