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Story Behind: Secret Forest (Stranger)

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Quote: No one is born a demon. They just chose to remain silent.

Inspiration: Secret Forest (Stranger) 비밀의숲

Secret Forest is a drama about power and corruption, but unlike your normal ‘fight for justice’ story where the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people are obvious, most of the characters in it are just normal civilians like you and me. Unlike your regular hero movies, this drama is very close to reality where in front of the rich and powerful, justice is rarely served. 

One quote that stuck with me is this (cue unprofessional translation) ‘You thought they were born cruel and evil? No, they became like this because they could. They knew that people will turn a blind eye to it and remain silent. If only someone, even just one, had the courage to speak up, we could change the whole situation.’ 

Having lived my first 18 years in Hong Kong, with an increasing conflict between us and the Chinese Community Party, I’ve seen too many people saying that ‘if I don’t say a thing they’ll leave me alone’, ‘oh I’m too insignificant' and ‘it won’t affect my daily life so it’s ok’. They are not villains in fiction, and yet their assumption of ‘I am too insignificant’ has become the fuel of evil. It is of course difficult in reality to speak up against authority, for we all have family and friends that we care about / have to care for, but does it mean that we should not speak up at all?






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