My Bullet Journal

When you’re at uni and you have to take care of everything yourself, you need a bullet journal to survive. It is something that keeps me sane, even on hectic days where I have a billion school work, laundry, cleaning and cooking to do.

I chose to invest in a Moleskin A6 squared notebook (YAS squared notebooks are my fav HEEHEE). To be honest I was quite hesitant at first because it's quite expensive, but was very happy that I chose to buy it at last because the quality is just *thumbs up*. And of course, I chose the very classic black version because it’s minimalistic and classy B)

 Check out the 'wander' sticker  here !

Check out the 'wander' sticker here!

So in general I have three sessions in my bujo - the monthly overview, weekly overview, and daily spread. 

At the start of each month I’ll use the blank monthly calendar sticker and write down events, exams or whatever that I have to do in this month. This gives me a solid idea of what’s coming up in the long run.


For the weekly spread, I use this Muji weekly sticker thingy as an overview. Since it’s a short term plan, I’ll usually write down e.g. which chapter I have to finish reading in order to catch up etc. 


And lastly the daily spread - I’d write down the date, the weather (not sure why I do that but it’s fun) and on the right hand side stuff I have to do on the day. I’d usually plan the night before (as it makes it easier for me to just start working the next day), and of course, I won’t pre-plan anything beyond today in the daily spread.


So yeah, here's a very brief overview of how I use my own bujo. I wish I could decorate my bujo like those tumblr / instagram bujo blogs :/ but I just tend to do it in the most simple and effective way. I mean that's my style, and I can't really change it without putting too much effort.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



New Stickers Designs!

Recently I got really into these kind of illustration styles, and with the help of Procreate (which makes drawing a hell lot easier), I've decided to start creating large colour printed stickers :D


Not sure about you but I used to collect stickers, just like every other child around me. Stickers are, in my opinion, a fun way to decorate because you can remove them anytime, and they're also a very inexpensive way of spicing up things. 


Behind the scenes

I drew the designs on Procreate with my iPad and Apple pencil while I was watching FIFA 2018 (sorry football fans I should've concentrate on the match :/)

Then I transferred it to my computer and paste everything onto a Word doc. And click print! Viola! And yes you're right, I didn't use a sticker machine. To me cutting stickers is like a passtime activity - it's very calming for some reason  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A lil sidestory

When I was small I literally tried to collect stickers from god knows where and sell it at school (and to my surprise, my classmate did bought it LOLLL), but of course, my lil business got banned because you're not supposed to sell stuff at school.

10 years later, I started my lettering business by selling stickers once again. Why do I have this special relationship with sticky papers 🤔

Anyway, I hope you guys like it :D There'll be more designs coming up soon (I think), and of course, stickers can be purchased as a bundle for cheaper prices! And don't forget to subscribe for 10% off!